I Spy Mill Road

How well do you think you know Mill Road?

As part of the Mill Road Saturdays, we have devised a fun, family-friendly and COVID-safe activity called I Spy Mill Road. We have chosen 13 landmarks and features that you would see as you walk along Mill Road from The EDGE Café to Petersfield (East Road), or vice versa. Every landmark has been disguised so you will have to look up, down and around to work them out.
Print or download the trail sheet below or pick up a printed version during the Mill Road Saturdays at Petersfield or The EDGE Café. Once you think you know what the landmark is, write its name on the sheet.

You can check to see if you’re right by opening the Answers file at the bottom of this page. No cheating!

If you want to see the I Spy images up close, then come along and see the community bunting on Petersfield at one of the Mill Road Saturdays events. Or you can take a look at the gallery below.

We’d love to see how you get on, so when you discover one of the landmarks, don’t forget to take a photo of you next to it and send it to us or tag @millroadfair on Twitter or @millroadwinterfair on Facebook and Instagram.

The I Spy Mill Road Trail was created by Mill Road Fringe and sponsored by Love Mill Road.