Mill Road Art: Astrig Akseralian

Original artwork, limited edition giclée prints, cards.

Astrig obtained a Degree in Ceramics from the Central School of Art and Design, London. From there, she went on to sell her work through a number of galleries and shops around the country and internationally. After a number of years selling her ceramics, a career change saw her moving in to the film industry, and for the next 27 years she worked as a freelance painter and art finisher in the film industry. Following this, Astrig moved to Cambridge and now concentrates fully on painting, working from her garden studio.

“My painting style has evolved gradually through experimenting with a huge variety of media. I love life drawing and use these ongoing sessions to develop my understanding of different materials. I enjoy working on prepared paper and sketchbooks. For some years, my focus had been landscapes and particularly allotments. I love these places as they feel complete worlds in themselves. They are full of individuality and character with the promise of constant renewal.”

“In my recent work, the result of lockdown, I have found myself returning to themes long lost. As well as landscape and figures, animals have been appearing in my paintings and my work has taken on a more dreamlike and narrative quality. My work is always about colour, movement, energy and joy and a prolonged period in isolation has helped me focus in on what it is that I most enjoy painting. I am loving the ups and downs of my discoveries.”