Mill Road Art: Beth Tilley

Beth Tilley’s work consists of installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, videos and collages. Beth graduated in 2016 with a Degree in Fine Art Sculpture from the University of Brighton, having completed her A-level training in oil paints, and a BTEC with distinction in visual communication. Her main interest is in audience participation via interactive large-scale installations, which is underpinned by an ethos of inclusive arts, collaborations and community work. In recent years, her paper and digital collages have become a prominent medium and a signature style of her work. Beth works freelance, creating bespoke installations, sculptures, props and decor with experience working in creative production studios, across window displays, museums, exhibitions, theatres, and festivals. ‘The existence of opposites and their paradoxical nature. Physicalised by immersive fantastical patterns. Tactile and intimate relationships between the imagination, body, and object. You’re amused but also confused. Unsure if your presence has been invited or if you’re an intruder. There is discomfort among the comfortable and an attraction to this repulsion.’