Mill Road Art: Colleen McLaughlin Barlow

My art is a response to the beauty of the natural world, including human and animal anatomy as well as astronomy and Japanese culture.

There were these astonishing x-rays from over 100 years ago at the Animal Anatomy Department of Cambridge University. They were about to be destroyed and the Director allowed me to select some of them to use as the basis of a series of art prints. They weren’t even called x-rays – they were referred to as ‘radio-graphs’ in the late 1880s. The detail was extraordinary and the lyricism of these stunning images is haunting. I worked digitally with the original x-rays to create the prints. Some of the x-rays revealed dance movements or contemporary sculptural shapes or even ice cave landscapes. I printed them using spit bite etching as well as toyobo photogravure at St. Barnabas Press in Cambridge.