Mill Road Art: Maureen Mace

Maureen Mace lives in Cambridge and the city is a huge influence in her work. She loves the beautiful, historic city with its wide, open spaces, great architectural buildings, old university traditions and, of course, its bikes and cows. Maureen adds rich night skies, shining moons, and a taste of Medieval Art to form the basis for her intricate, dream-like paintings.

Maureen studied visual communication and worked for several years as a graphic designer and illustrator. Her early professional background still influences her work, and she gets carried away with the detail using brushes that are far too small to delve into her whimsical, magical-realist world.

During Lockdown 2 and 3, Maureen made a sketch a day based on her life under restrictions. After posting them on Instagram and Facebook, many people asked her to make books of her sketches as they were a social history of our time. Please contact Maureen for more information on her Lockdown 2 and Lockdown 3 books.