Mill Road Lanterns

In December 2020, ten beautiful, hand-crafted lanterns were hosted in ten independent shop windows as part of the Mill Road Lantern Trail. Designed by Penny Sobr, each lantern represented one of the streets off Mill Road as portrayed by the people who live there: their stories and memories, the things they love about their street, and what matters to them. Friends and neighbours, young and old, feathered and furry have all contributed to create the lantern stories.

See the lantern artworks and read their stories below.

1. Mawson Road

Live and Let Live and rock ’n’ roll

Hosted by Spice Gate and Fantasia

Guitar legends rock this street, which is named after a bishop who inherited a brewery. Another famous past resident was Basil Humphreys, the lab technician who built the DNA helix model for Crick and Watson. Formerly Union Terrace (next to the site of the old workhouse), but today a fun-filled road, known for its great street parties, lockdown concerts and, of course, The Live and Let Live pub. A bit of mischief on the pub sign is probably what attracts the growing number of feline visitors, now known as the Alphacats, beautifully captured by local illustrator, Annabel Lee.

2. Ironworks

Celebrating the creativity, nature, local communities and history of the Ironworks site

Welcoming new residents to the Ironworks homes, with contributions from St Matthew’s School, the Ironworks art programme and neighbours. The imagery represents the Headly Eagle Foundry’s engine, Coprolite Mill, the Free Library, and memories of the Peace Garden and house martins at the Mill Road Depot – all part of the site’s history.

This lantern was created as part of the public art programme Resonance-Cambridge for Cambridge Investment Partnership.

3. Tenison Road

Pizza, cuppas and brass bands

Cambridge’s very own Italian quarter, courtesy of Maurizio, passionate restaurateur and Italian foodie, and wood-fired pizzas at the Salisbury Arms. Beautiful Victorian Villas line the road, many with their own names; a gentle reminder of times gone by. Cannons Green at its heart is always open for cuppas and deckchairs. Home of the Salvation Army and the YMCA.

4. Ainsworth Street

The hedgehog highway

Off the beaten track of Mill Road, which is just as well, as it’s the area’s hedgehog highway. Neighbours have cut hedgehog doors in their fences to let the hedgehogs pass through. The rest of our street is adorned with rainbows and sunflowers, window boxes and colourful window displays. We are a road that loves to celebrate occasions! The delicious smell of hand-cut chips from The Geldart pub is also a welcome treat.

5. St Barnabas Road

Gardens, birds and St Barnabas

Hosted by Cho Mee
Our street is wonderfully green, with long gardens, window boxes, fruit trees and flowers. Gabled houses peek over the top of the thick hedges. St Barnabas Church stands proud at its entrance, with The Old School nestled secretly behind.

6. Ross Street

Bob’s street, where neighbours are friends

One of the longest roads in Cambridge, with a vibrant and diverse community. Ours is a really friendly street where neighbours are friends and friends are neighbours. Home to Bob, one of Romsey’s favourite residents. Lots of families, lots of kids, and lots of furry and feathered friends. If you walk along our street, stop and admire the beautiful apple trees, best seen in full blossom, or spot over 30 colourful fanlight front doors.

7. Great Eastern Street

Trainspotting, Bongo and the Beaky

Clearly marked with the Earl of Beaconsfield looking out from the corner – affectionately known as the Beaky. A great place for trainspotting as it’s so close to the railway, but better known for its music, beer and convivial atmosphere. Our road was the former site of The Eagle Foundry, from which our heraldry draws its inspiration. Now a fun home for Bongo, Callum and Jackadoodle among many other four-legged friends.

8. Romsey Road

Wheelbarrows and music

Hosted by Cafe Blue Sage
As you walk down our road, you will often hear beautiful cello and piano music being played. Most of us are green-fingered as we have Vinery Allotments at the end of our road. We may have lost Mill Road champion and our friend and neighbour, Allan Brigham, this year, but his legacy will live on. Don’t forget we also love a street party which we host with our sister road, Hemingford Road.

9. Hemingford Road

Past & present party together

Romsey Mill at one end and Romsey Rec at the other, ours is a road with a clear sense of history but also a vibrant present. There is a great sense of community in our street, which why we are hosts to Romsey’s greatest street party.

10. Belgrave Road


Hosted by Cutlacks
Our street is a tapestry – a colourful, mixture of life with an artistic leaning. Hidden behind our houses lie lush green gardens: an oasis of calm from the hustle and bustle of Mill Road. We are a tightly knit community: we look after each other, we celebrate together and we love Mill Road.