Mill Road Lantern Trail

Mill Road will sparkle this December through the spectacular Mill Road Lantern Trail. Supported by a new charity, Love Mill Road, and designed by Penny Sobr, ten community lanterns, representing ten local roads, are being hosted by ten of Mill Road’s independent shops. They will glow from 5th December, which would have been the date of the Mill Road Winter Fair.

Follow the Mill Road Lantern Trail map or see if you can spot each lantern as you wander along the road. As you follow the Lantern Trail, you can also discover fascinating facts about some of Mill Road’s buildings, history and culture through our Mill Road Stories.

See below for the map, stories and more information about the lanterns.

Trail map

Follow the trail

Mill Road Lanterns

See the lantern artworks, and find out how each lantern reflects the special identity of its road.

About the artist

Introducing the illustrator, designer and artist who created the lanterns, Penny Sobr, and how she made them.

Mill Road Stories: Petersfield

Find out about the fascinating history of a number of Petersfield's best-loved buildings.

Mill Road Stories​: Romsey

Explore the history and culture of sites at the Romsey end of Mill Road.


A big thank you to Cambridge Council and Anglia Ruskin University who sponsored this year’s lanterns through new charity, Love Mill Road.

We would love the Mill Road Lanterns to be an annual event, adding ten more streets each year. If you enjoyed the trail and would like to support us, then please use the donate button below. Donations to Love Mill Road help to fund the Fair, as well as the activities and projects of other Mill Road charities and community organisations, and are eligible for Gift Aid.