Mill Road TV

Mill Road TV came into existence five years ago as a social media platform whose aim was to connect the Mill Road communities via the medium of video. As a completely voluntary endeavour, it has proved to be somewhat of an experiment and a very steep learning curve in not only how to manage (and not to manage!) communication social media platforms but in learning something about the dynamics of how the many factions of community groups and organisations work and interact with each other in and around Mill Road. Anyone can provide content to the MRTV platforms of Facebook and YouTube. For it to work, it needs continual active participation. All contributions and help are welcome. Below are a few of the many videos that accumulatively archive some of the life on and around Mill Road.
First video uploaded to YouTube in December 2015
One of the News Roundup editions 2016
Local Mill Road baker video proves to be most popular
The 2015 Winter Fair
Mill Road Feast 2016